LTL Shipping in the Contiguous United States

All America Transportation, Inc. has established a volume discount with many LTL service providers. Our logistics management professionals can provide you with our LTL service options quickly and efficiently, taking care of tracking and tracing so you have more time to take care of business.


We can help you navigate supply chain issues and frequently work with vendors who have time-sensitive cargo. Our team at All America Transportation offers FTL Freight shipments, LTL freight shipments, and expedited shipping services for companies across the United States. Contact our team today by calling (888) 343-6806 or by filling out our freight shipping quote form. 


LTL freight Shipping refers to instances where you have cargo to move but do not have enough to fill a full truckload, we offer less than truckload shipping services. With LTL shipping, your freight is loaded onto a trailer with similar cargo from other customers until the trailer is full. The freight is then delivered to a hub or distribution center where it is loaded onto a truck to be delivered to its final location. This allows you to move your cargo at a discounted price without having to wait until you have enough for a full truckload.

If you’ve got any questions about our LTL shipping options, feel free to give us a call anytime at (888) 343-6806 or, you can visit our frequently asked questions page.


LTL shipping is a great option for truckload shipping when you don’t have enough cargo to fill a full truckload. It has many benefits including:

Reduced Cost: LTL shipping is cheaper than FTL shipping because you only pay for the portion of the truckload used. The rest of the cost is covered by the other occupants of the trailer or flatbed.

Small Business Friendly: LTL shipping is great for small to medium businesses that would otherwise need to wait to ship products until they have a full truckload. Because you are only paying for a portion of the truckload you can ship your products without the wait times.


If you are looking for a reliable third-party logistics company to help you manage your LTL truckload shipping needs, we can help. Our team at All America Transportation has a network of shipping carriers across the United States. Contact our team today by calling (888) 343-6806 or fill out our freight quote form to get an estimate for your less than truckload shipment.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Twenty-five years of logistics experience has taught me, ‘You get what you pay for’. All America Transportation, Inc. symbolizes the whole package: professional, honest, efficient, competitive pricing and unparalleled work ethic make them a carrier of choice for my truckload moves.
Marsha F - Mount Pulaski, IL 62548
All America Transportation is honest and dependable and I don’t have to worry about a shipment once I give it to them.
Bonita A - Stanley, NC 28164
Having All America Transportation around is like having an extension of our company. They get the job done!
David C - Pacific, MO 63069

Why Choose All America Transportation

Monitored Freight Shipments

After regular business hours, All America Transportation, Inc. has a Transportation Professional on-call to handle any issues or concerns for our freight shipments. Call our toll-free number any time to reach the on-call designee.

Cargo Insurance Coverage

At All America Transportation, Inc., we go above and beyond federal insurance requirements. To give our clients extra assurance, all of our freight shipments are protected by a $100,000 Contingency Cargo Insurance Policy. This ensures an extra layer of protection for our clients and expert claims assistance in the rare event of cargo damage.

Direct Contact With Drivers

Our dispatchers communicate directly with the drivers providing all pickup and delivery information while allowing our staff to track every truck. This helps to eliminate driver calls to shippers and consignees for directions and times, keeping communication streamlined.