Frequently Asked Questions

Review our FAQ for additional information and answers to commonly asked questions. If you would like to speak with one of our representatives, call us at (888) 343-6806.

The general rule of thumb in the trucking industry is to allow two hours to load a truck, and two hours to unload a truck. Anything over that, trucking companies typically will charge a detention charge of anywhere from $50-$75 per hour.

Each tractor/trailer combination is unique. In order to be within DOT regulations, weights cannot exceed the following: 12,000 lbs on the steering axle, 34,000 lbs on the tractor tandem axles, 34,000 lbs. on the trailer tandem axles, and 80,000 lbs. total gross weight. It is entirely possible for a truck to have much less than 80,000 total gross weight but be overweight on an axle. DOT can put a truck out of service and fine the driver a significant amount of money if he exceeds any of these weights. It is best for the shipper to communicate with the driver about the type of cargo and weights so that they can agree on how to legally load the trailer.

If the following conditions occur, the truck driver must have a tanker endorsement on his Commercial Driver License:

  1. Your cargo includes liquid or gaseous individual containers larger than 119 gallon capacity.
  2. The containers are loaded, and not empty.
  3. The total combined volume in those containers exceeds 1,000 gallons.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Twenty-five years of logistics experience has taught me, ‘You get what you pay for’. All America Transportation, Inc. symbolizes the whole package: professional, honest, efficient, competitive pricing and unparalleled work ethic make them a carrier of choice for my truckload moves.
Marsha F - Mount Pulaski, IL 62548
All America Transportation is honest and dependable and I don’t have to worry about a shipment once I give it to them.
Bonita A - Stanley, NC 28164
Having All America Transportation around is like having an extension of our company. They get the job done!
David C - Pacific, MO 63069

Why Choose All America Transportation

Monitored Freight Shipments

After regular business hours, All America Transportation, Inc. has a Transportation Professional on-call to handle any issues or concerns for our freight shipments. Call our toll-free number any time to reach the on-call designee.

Cargo Insurance Coverage

At All America Transportation, Inc., we go above and beyond federal insurance requirements. To give our clients extra assurance, all of our freight shipments are protected by a $100,000 Contingency Cargo Insurance Policy. This ensures an extra layer of protection for our clients and expert claims assistance in the rare event of cargo damage.

Direct Contact With Drivers

Our dispatchers communicate directly with the drivers providing all pickup and delivery information while allowing our staff to track every truck. This helps to eliminate driver calls to shippers and consignees for directions and times, keeping communication streamlined.