Working With a Certified Freight Broker

If you are looking for a shipping partner to carry your products to market, you’ve probably heard the term freight broker or certified freight broker. You may not know how a freight broker can save you time and money on shipping costs. Working with a certified freight broker like our team at All America Transportation, Inc. can make your job easier because you won’t have to worry about your shipments.


Our team can connect you with reliable freight carriers that have been carefully screened. In addition, we can get you better rates by managing negotiations and ensuring that your cargo is paired with the best option for speed and cost.

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What is a Certified Freight Broker? 

Freight brokers are the bridge between shippers and carriers. We manage the outcome of shipping operations much like a coach manages their team. Rather than physically handling your cargo, our team works with you (the shipper) and carriers to choose the best routes and shipping rates for your products.


Our primary job is communication. We work with shippers to provide a single point of contact the ensure your cargo arrives safely and on time. This saves you from searching for carriers, planning route logistics, communicating with drivers, negotiating rates, and tracking your freight.


In addition to working directly with shippers, our team also has partnerships with carriers across the United States. We can help carriers fill trucks and grow their business by providing connections with shippers. You can optimize your routes and supply loads to prevent deadhead miles.

What Does a Freight Broker Do?

Our success is based on our relationships with our carriers and shippers. We work behind the scenes to facilitate communication and match your cargo with the best carriers. We help shippers mead shipping deadlines, find expedited shipping routes, and remove the need for several contact points.


In addition, we help source additional capacity, negotiate shipping contracts, screen carriers, handle logistics, and monitor shipping compliance. We regularly work with carriers transporting hazardous or sensitive materials.

Screening and Onboarding Carriers

We know that shippers want to work with trustworthy carriers. That’s why we carefully vet all our carrier partners to ensure they provide high-quality services for our shippers. If you are interested in becoming a carrier fill out our online form to get in touch with our team.

Monitoring Carrier Compliance

In addition to ensuring carriers meet industry standards, we work with carriers that must also follow sensitive shipping guidelines. This includes background checks, secure shipping compliance, and ensuring carriers can deliver freight on time, free from damage, and stay within the agreed terms.

Sourcing Carrier Capacity

Our job is to match your cargo with the best carrier available. This means we are constantly working directly with carriers to check capacity. Shippers who work with our team at All America Transportation, Inc. can rest easy knowing that their products will ship on time and arrive at the destination on time.

What Are the Benefits of Working with A Certified Freight Broker?

Working with a certified freight broker, like our team at All America Transportation, Inc., has several benefits. Our services work for both carriers and shippers because we handle the logistics preparation needed to optimize shipping routes and pair cargo with the right carrier.


Working with our team, you can expect:


  • Improved delivery times
  • Reliable freight delivery without damage
  • Increased supply chain efficiency
  • Long-term shipping relationships
Certified Freight Broker

Contact Us To Work With A Certified Freight Broker For Your Shipping Needs

If you are interested in working with a certified freight broker, we can help. We work with carriers and shippers across the United States to provide optimized routes, full truckloads, and safe shipping practices. Contact our experts at All America Transportation, Inc. to get a freight quote and start working with our team. Call our team at 314-835-9499 or fill out our freight quote or carrier forms to get started.