Working With a Certified Freight Broker

Certified freight brokers or transportation brokers are shippers’ and carriers’ primary points of contact. Instead of being responsible for the freight itself, certified freight brokers facilitate communication, manage regulations, and oversee the shipping process for shippers. In addition, transportation brokers ensure that handoffs between shippers and carriers go smoothly and that the freight is delivered on time.

TIA CTB Certified Transportation Broker

Why Shippers Use Freight Brokers

Shippers across the country use freight brokers to manage their shipments with a single point of contact from pickup to delivery. Working with a freight broker like our team at All America Transportation eliminates the need for shippers to negotiate rates, plan routes, and track shipments. We use our knowledge and experience to help you achieve desired delivery times, avoid product damage, and improve your supply chain efficiency.

In addition to better shipping practices, freight brokers like our team can provide better shipping rates. We do this by leveraging long-standing relationships with carriers and helping shippers find less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment options so they don’t have to fill entire trailers.

Why Do You Need a Transportation Broker?

Transportation brokers take the headaches out of managing their supply chain and shipping needs for shippers. For freight carriers, transportation brokers can help fill capacity and find truck shipments. Our All America Transportation team partners with carriers and shippers to fill trucks and provide full truckload, less than truckload, and expedited shipping services. We can help reduce shipping costs and improve carrier responsiveness.

Cost Reduction

If your business is growing, then it is likely that your shipping costs have risen as well. You may even be having issues negotiating with your current carriers. Our team at All America Transportation is a certified freight broker. We specialize in negotiating with carriers and pairing your freight with the best option for your needs. Our connections and experience help us reduce shipping costs for your freight shipments while maintaining or improving delivery times.


For carriers, ensuring that your fleet is working at capacity is essential. Likewise, as a shipper, ensuring that your products are able to find a truck and be shipped on time is paramount to your success. Our team at All America Transportation can fix both capacity issues. We specialize in pairing freight shipments with reliable carriers.


This ensures that as a carrier, you have a steady supply of freight to move, and as a shipper, your cargo will not be left on the dock.

We also work with carriers to provide route planning, reducing deadhead miles and keeping your trucks full.

Contact Us If You Have Questions about Working with A Certified Freight Broker

If you have questions about partnering with a certified freight broker, we can help. We work with both carriers and shippers to ensure the shipping process is seamless. Contact our experts to inquire about becoming a carrier or our truckload and less than truckload shipping services. You can reach our team by calling 314-835-9499 or filling out our online contact forms to have our freight experts contact you.