Things You Should Know When Choosing A Freight Broker

Freight brokers, like our team at All America Transportation, spend time connecting shippers with freight carriers. This removes the burden of managing shipping times, freight shipping rates, and tracking shipments. Without the help of a reputable freight broker, many manufacturers would struggle to ship products profitably. 


If you are looking for a certified freight broker to help you ship your products, here are some things you should know to get the most value out of the relationship.

TIA CTB Certified Transportation Broker

Understand The Roll of The Freight Broker

Ensure you check what the freight broker you are working with is capable of. This is crucial to getting the most significant benefits out of the relationship. Certified freight brokers are licensed intermediaries who can help manage your shipping needs and solve shipping problems. Before anything is shipped, freight brokers, like our team, will work out all of the details, including, shipping times, tracking, and freight shipping rates.


Freight Brokers Should Be Licensed or Certified

When looking for a freight broker, it is essential to check their legitimacy. To operate their business, freight brokers need to meet several requirements. This includes licensing and certifications. If you want to establish a long-term relationship with a freight broker, check that they meet these requirements and are in good standing.


Let Them Handle Legal Requirements

Shipping freight across the country or even within your city can come with legal requirements. Certified freight brokers understand this and can help carriers and shippers navigate the legal requirements needed to move your freight. This can include bonding and licensing shipments, vetting carriers, and providing background checks where needed for shipments. This will save you time, money, and headaches, ensuring that your shipments are successful each time.


Communication is Key

Freight brokers are communication specialists. They are required to manage the shipping relationship between you (the shipper) and freight carriers. This should include understanding your shipping goals, carrier needs, and any requirements your freight shipments may have. A good freight broker will constantly communicate with the shippers and carriers on any freight shipments. If you do not regularly hear from your freight broker, consider other brokers or shipping options.


Choose Your Freight Broker Based on Your Needs

Certified freight brokers come in all sizes. Larger freight brokers often have large shipping networks and manage several shipments on a daily basis. This can open up new opportunities and lead to a decline in personalized service. Smaller freight brokerages thrive on having excellent relationships with their shippers and carriers. They will often be more focused on providing an experience that is a step above working with a larger freight brokerage.

Contact Us to Learn More About Choosing A Certified Freight Broker

Our St. Louis-based team at All America Transportation regularly works with shippers and carriers in the United States. We specialize in facilitating freight shipping relationships, getting the best shipping rates, and ensuring that your shipments arrive without damage. Contact our team if you have questions about using a freight broker for your logistics needs. You can reach our team by calling 314-835-9499 or fill out our online freight quote form to get started.