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The transportation professionals at All America Transportation, Inc. understand the need to maintain outstanding professionalism at all times. We realize that we are representing our clients to their customers and suppliers by managing their freight shipments. At All America Transportation, Inc. we have learned the importance of developing trusting relationships with everyone we work with, and that this inevitably leads to more referrals and business opportunities for our company as well.

Our experienced staff has a combined 88 years experience in the trucking industry. All America Transportation, Inc. is a strong company, focused on maintaining our solid reputation for high caliber service, professionalism, and customer-focused solutions. Our staff shares the same values as our founder: Integrity, Character, and Service.

Our Team

St. Louis, MO (Corporate Office)

With over 25 years of experience in the logistics industry, Lianne began her career in 1991 when she was recruited to join a freight brokerage company owned by Frank Costello. Lianne continued to develop her logistics expertise while generating and implementing successful sales and marketing strategies which helped grow the company. In 1996, Lianne purchased the brokerage firm, which was renamed All America Transportation, Inc. Over the years, Lianne and her team have continued providing honesty, integrity and outstanding customer service for each client’s shipments.

Scott is a Certified Transportation Broker with over 25 years of experience in the trucking industry. In 2001, Scott joined All America Transportation, Inc. with experience as the Shipping Manager for a large St. Louis-based plastics manufacturer. All America continued to grow and in 2005, Scott became part owner and currently serves as Vice President. Scott shares the same founding values along with bringing his practical knowledge and experience to every interaction with clients, employees, and carrier-partners.

South Bend, IN

Karen has over 30 years of experience in shipping bulk commodities both hazardous and non-hazardous, international shipping, expedited freight, LTL, small package and rail. During the early 1980’s, Karen began her career in Windsor, Ontario Canada where she worked in the trucking industry. In 1995, she moved to South Bend, Indiana. Karen’s knowledge of the trucking industry continued to grow while she worked in operations for a tanker company. Eventually, Karen became the Logistics Manager for a plastics distributor where she also gained load brokerage experience. In 2010, Karen began working for All America Transportation, Inc. Her experience as both a logistics manager and in the asset and non-asset based 3PL business have allowed Karen to provide superior customer service to our customers and carrier partners.

Why Choose All America Transportation

Monitored Freight Shipments

After regular business hours, All America Transportation, Inc. has a Transportation Professional on-call to handle any issues or concerns for our freight shipments. Call our toll-free number any time to reach the on-call designee.

Cargo Insurance Coverage

At All America Transportation, Inc., we go above and beyond federal insurance requirements. To give our clients extra assurance, all of our freight shipments are protected by a $100,000 Contingency Cargo Insurance Policy. This ensures an extra layer of protection for our clients and expert claims assistance in the rare event of cargo damage.

Direct Contact With Drivers

Our dispatchers communicate directly with the drivers providing all pickup and delivery information while allowing our staff to track every truck. This helps to eliminate driver calls to shippers and consignees for directions and times, keeping communication streamlined.