The FMCSA’s launch in December 2010 of the new Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Framework had many carriers running scared. Experts were warning that the new system could put thousands of carriers out of business and take up to 10% of drivers off the road. The good news is the impact was not as severe as predicted. It has, however, led to tougher motor carrier hiring standards for truck drivers. The CSA’s Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories-BASIC-scores have become an issue in carrier negotiations with shippers and brokers. Carriers who self-reported having one or more BASIC scores above threshold were much more likely to lose business as potential customers shied away from using them.

All America Transportation, Inc. has stringent guidelines that are adhered to for all of their carriers with regard to their safety fitness scores. No carrier is utilized for a client’s shipment if they do not meet exacting criteria. All shippers should know their carriers’ BASIC scores, and should also familiarize themselves with their brokers’ policies. If the broker does not have a carrier qualification policy in place, the shipper could be putting themselves in harms way by doing business with them. Lawsuits alleging negligent hiring of carriers has become a real liability for shippers and brokers in the last several years. It pays to know who you are doing business with.

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