Each June the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a 72 hour enforcement and safety outreach event across the U.S. Approximately 10,000 CVSA-certified local, state, provincial and federal inspectors in jurisdictions across North America perform truck and bus inspections. On average, about three times as many inspections are done each day during Roadcheck than on any other day. This year, the Level 1 inspection out-of service rate declined to 21.6%, down from 23% last year. Overall, the vehicle out-of-service rate dropped to 17.5% from 18.7% in 2014. The overall driver out-of-service rate matched the 4.8% rate of 2014. William Schaefer, CVSA’s director of vehicle programs, commented “..I think that carriers are doing a better job at maintaining their vehicles over the last two decades.”

All America Transportation, Inc. incorporates a diligent, step-by-step Carrier Qualification Process when onboarding new carriers. A large part of this process includes reviewing each carrier’s safety record and FMCSA Basic Safety Scores. Once approved, carriers are placed on a “Watchlist” which provides notification to All America’s operations team when a carrier’s safety scores are downgraded. This protects our clients’ shipments from ending up on unsafe, poorly run carriers and allows for a better, more reliable experience when moving freight across the country.