Reinstated MC Numbers

In a time where frauds and scams become more prevalent, there is an increase in the number of older MC numbers being reinstated. While the reinstatement of MC numbers is not necessarily fraudulent, it serves as reminder for carriers and brokers to research companies they are doing with for the first time. According to Internet Truckstop, 22% of the reinstated MC numbers were not reinstated by the original owner. The MC number was purchased by a different company thus the need for due diligence when selecting a carrier or broker.

One of the advantages for a carrier or broker to purchase an older MC number is to make it appear they have been in business longer than they have. This appearance lends to immediate credibility for the purchaser and make them a more viable selection for an interested carrier or broker. While not always the case, these MC numbers can be purchased by individuals looking to commit fraud.

All America Transportation Inc. instituted our own due diligence policy earlier this year. Tools such as Carrier Watch and Safer System allows All America Transportation Inc. to research carriers prior to selection. In turn this information is recorded on an in house carrier qualification check list and filed along with all associated carrier paperwork. Selection parameters include CSA Ratings, safety ratings, and the TIA Watchdog Ratings.

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Why Choose All America Transportation

Monitored Freight Shipments

After regular business hours, All America Transportation, Inc. has a Transportation Professional on-call to handle any issues or concerns for our freight shipments. Call our toll-free number any time to reach the on-call designee.

Cargo Insurance Coverage

At All America Transportation, Inc., we go above and beyond federal insurance requirements. To give our clients extra assurance, all of our freight shipments are protected by a $100,000 Contingency Cargo Insurance Policy. This ensures an extra layer of protection for our clients and expert claims assistance in the rare event of cargo damage.

Direct Contact With Drivers

Our dispatchers communicate directly with the drivers providing all pickup and delivery information while allowing our staff to track every truck. This helps to eliminate driver calls to shippers and consignees for directions and times, keeping communication streamlined.