Logistics Job Opportunities Continue to Increase

According to a recent study by the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, US Companies are expected to create more than 1 million logistics jobs in the next 4 years. However, the study also shows there will be a shortage of qualified workers to fill these jobs. These jobs include drivers, dock personnel, industrial engineers and procurement specialists.

The study showed more than 270,000 job openings per year will be created to keep up with the demand of the industry. In that our schools and institutions graduate or train about 75,000 qualified candidates to fill these positions. Overall only about 28% of these openings will be filled. According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, U.S. businesses spent more than $1.3 trillion dollars on logistic related costs. This included $821 billion on truck, rail, air and ocean transportation.

The biggest shortfall in filling these jobs is in trucking. This shortfall included over 98,000 drivers which could increase to more than 240,000 by the end of next year. Driver shortages have been reported by many industryexperts as a turnover rate of over 100% continues to be the main issue. The next biggest shortfall in jobs would include warehouse workers and distribution labor. This included a job shortfall of over 92,000 workers. Other jobs in need of workers include logistics operations and management personnel, rail cargo, and air cargo supervisors.

Recommendations for filling these jobs included, introduction to the logistics industry in high schools and colleges, more company sponsored internships to students interested in logistics, more involvement with technical schools, and recruiting military personnel returning to civilian life.

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