As today’s truckload rates and competition for trucks continue to rise, there a few things that can be done to establish good partnership between the shipper and transportation provider. Some items that may benefit the shipper in retaining the services of their transportation provider may include:

  1. Shipments in which the driver is not responsible for loading or unloading freight.
  2. Whenever possible reduce the number of stops per shipment.
  3. Establish and follow a schedule for shipping and delivery appointments.
  4. Attaching a seal to the trailer after the shipment has been loaded. Try to ship using shipper load and count.
  5. Notify your transportation provider as early as possible with upcoming shipment dates.
  6. Pay invoices on time.
  7. Treat drivers with respect.

By following some of the suggestions above a shipper may be able to secure and maintain partnerships with their current transportation provider.

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