Frauds & Scams

Two of the most common fraudulent activities in 2009 and continuing into 2010 are double brokering and identity theft. Double brokering for more money and not paying carriers was up 57% and identity theft posing as another company was up 34%.

There are tools and steps your company can take in protecting itself from becoming a victim. Always review the following information:

  1. Authority Status – Active, inactive, revoked, Date authority was granted. Has the authority ever been revoked or reinstated and why ?
  2. Appropriate Insurance for Authority.
  3. Request and Obtain Proof of Insurance
  4. Alert shipper of the carrier name and have shipper verify name before loading carrier.

Always review a broker, freight forwarder, or carriers authority, bond, and insurance status. Reporting fraudulent activities is also critical in preventing future unacceptable operating practices.

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