Filing a Claim

More often than not, shipments are made everyday and delivered without damage. However, there are instances when damage may occur with a particular shipment. In such instances a few things should be followed when making a claim.

To make a claim a shipper must prove a few things. First, the the goods were in good order when tendered to the carrier. Second, non-delivery or damage was found at the destination and last, there was actual value to the loss.

As far as the claim itself, usually the shipper can file the claim but a claim can also be filed with anyone who has an interest in the shipment. A carrier is required to provide the shipper 9 months to file the claim. When submitting the claim the shipper must follow the processes listed below:

  1. The claim must be in writing, identifying the shipment, reason for filing, and damage amount.
  2. Submit the Bill of Lading
  3. Submit Freight Bill
  4. Submit Original Invoice
  5. Submit Copy of Freight Bill Showing Exceptions
  6. Submit Inspection Report of Loss or Damage

The carrier must acknowledge the claim withing 30 days and investigate. The claim is to be paid, declined, or settled within 120 days.

Claims are an unfortunate part of the shipping process. Care and caution should be followed when loading, unloading, and transporting shipments. Seek ways to minimize loss and damage to prevent filing claims with your shipments.

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