The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is planning to launch the program, Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 in July of this year. CSA 2010 is the FMCSA’s new regime for rating carriers and drivers. Features will include more timely updates of fleet performance than the current SafeStat System. The program is designed to push all carriers to improve compliance with safety rules, and to force unsafe carriers to improve or leave the industry.

According to FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro, starting this spring, all carriers will be able to access their CSA safety scores, and later this summer, the agency is set to begin enforcement under the program. She said CSA 2010 would feature “a more dynamic monthly financial report where you have the opportunity to examine and identify high-risk (drivers and carriers)…in a real-time fashion.

American Trucking Association Chairman Tommy Hodges said the program “is going to make us a better, safer industry that’s better able to manage our safety processes, and that makes it worth it.”

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