Crackdown on Fraudulent Medical Certifications

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently announced law enforcement officers will be conducting random verifications of driver medical examiner certificates. Officers and agency auditors have been calling medical offices to verify the medical qualifications of commercial drivers. This is part of an effort to crackdown on drivers with fraudulent medical certifications.

During roadside inspections, officers will contact the medical office listed on the drivers commercial medical card. They will then verify the information listed on the card including the driver’s name and date of birth. If the information on the card is not valid or if the driver does not have the required information, they will be immediately placed out service and cannot drive until they are certified. This announcement is not meant to check the driver’s medical qualifications but only to make sure the medical cards are valid. According to the FMCSA this was introduced “in order to mitigate the risk of a driver or carrier presenting a fraudulent card and to ensure the consistency with the records of the medical examiner.”

Records of fraudulent records have not been kept in the past but now will be as part of the program. Future plans by the FMCSA include a new system in which medical examiners place the information directly into the drivers records in CDLIS (Commercial Drivers License Information System). Today the drivers get the cards after having their physicals and must carry the cards with them. The FMCSA said it will propose the CDLIS integration in April of next year.

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