Cargo Theft Up 5% Over Last Quarter

Cargo thefts in the U.S. have increased by 5 percent and the average loss value has increased by 9 percent during the past three months, according to FreightWatch International data.

According to the most recent quarterly report from FreightWatch, which tracks cargo thefts throughout the world, the United States saw 202 cargo thefts, with 87 in June, 62 in July and 53 in August, totaling a loss of $166,454.

The products leading the list of the thefts were food and drinks at 22 percent with a $94,047 loss, followed by electronics at 14 percent with a $275,007 loss. Electronics stolen consisted primarily of televisions, computers and computer accessories, the report said.

While alcohol only accounted for 3 percent of the thefts within three months, it was the most costly, topping out at $689,081. Those stats showed a 685 percent increase over the last quarter, the report said.

The smallest percentage of product thefts was jewelry/accessories, with only 1 percent, accounting for two thefts, but had the third-highest value loss at $395,000.

The product that saw the most dramatic drop was pharmaceuticals, amassing 12 percent of thefts rather than 22 percent the previous quarter, the report said.

Out of 10 states, California remained the number one state for cargo thefts with 46 accounted thefts, making up 22 percent of all incidents in the country. Texas came in second again this quarter with 34 reported thefts, 18 percent of the total. Florida dropped to fourth, with Illinois moving up to third with 31 reported, 14 percent of the total. The lowest three out of 10 states this quarter for cargo theft were New York, Arkansas and Pennsylvania.

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