ATA Opposes Proposed Hazmat Fee Increase

A proposed federal rule would triple to $3,000 the annual registration fee for large motor carriers who haul hazardous materials, but would maintain a $300 fee for small carriers. The American Trucking Association said it believes the proposed rule places an unfair burden on large carriers.

The fee increase was suggested by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration as a way to increase funding from $14 million to $28 million, for federal grants sent to states. The funds are used primarily to train emergency response teams and make plans to respond to hazmat incidents. The PHMSA said that increasing the registration fees only for large carriers “will affect entities that can more easily absorb the increase.”

The ATA said that is not the case. “this is not true, especially during the current economic climate where some of the largest motor carriers are suffering staggering losses and are struggling to survive,” wrote Richard Moskowitz, ATA’s vice president for energy affairs and regulatory affairs counsel.

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